Remedies for sinus pain

sinus pain

Sinus pain is not pleasant. If you know a few tricks you can treat yourself at home.

While some ailments are decidedly seasonal, sinus mayhem does not discriminate. Winter flu, spring and fall allergies, summer colds they all seem to beckon the sinuses into painful states of congestion, inflammation and infection. And honestly, few common maladies are as aggravating as angry sinuses. At their best they’re a nuisance; at their worst, sinus conditions bring painful pressure to the entire face – ice picks in the eyes and oral surgery without Novocain come to mind. Not fun.

Though it is always more important to cure the underlying sickness rather than treat the symptoms, let’s face it: When you have a sinus infection, your number one concern is feeling better.  So before you try to focus on boosting your immune system and removing the causal factors of your sinus infection, let’s work on treating the symptoms.

Number one rule when you’re sick: Drink plenty of fluids. The same goes for when you have sinus trouble. Hydration helps the body in numerous ways, and is good for sore sinuses.

You know how spicy foods hit the mouth and nose and open everything up? The New York Times notes that foods that contain hot peppers or horseradish may help clear sinuses.

Break up thick mucus with a few drops of Eucalyptus or Peppermint oil in hot water.  With your face down over the water, drape a towel over the back of your head and inhale the steam.

sinus pain

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The proper care of cuticles

Cuticles form a seal between the nail and the finger. They are actually a layer of dead skin. Cuticle protects the nail, being a natural barrier against bacteria. Therefore, cutting cuticles expose us to unnecessary risks. That does not mean we have to allow them to grow excessively. This can hinder the development of natural nails, by slowing and hindering their growth. Also, dry, cracked cuticles cannot protect your nails leaving them vulnerable to damage. For this reason, you need a great cuticle treatment to care them properly.

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What undesirable effects can have the soap?

As fragrant colorful and as cheapest as possible. These are the criteria that we take into consideration when we buy soap. And if the label also contains antibacterial soap, already we don’t care about anything, any more we just put it in the shopping cart! But have you ever had the curiosity to read the label of such a product?

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Quick and efficient, overnight treatment for herpes

Herpes is a contagious disease, infection and recurrence caused by the Simplex Herpes virus. It is transmitted through direct contact with the lesions and once entered in the body, will determine the appearance of painful blisters filled with a clear liquid, accompanied by a burning sensation. The eruption is localized, most often around the mouth and nose area, but in some cases can be located in other areas. After the blisters break, it remains a yellowish crust that falls within days, without leaving any scars.

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Natural remedies for under eye bags

The skin around the eyes is much thinner and delicate than other sides of your body and needs special care, especially since it is a region devoid of sebaceous glands and has a very fine texture. This area of the image often reflects negligence, chaotic lifestyles, sleepless nights, excessive alcohol or tobacco consume, stress or hidden health problems. If you experience bags under eyes, puffy eyes or dark circles here are some natural remedies to diminish these problems:

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The spicy lemonade detox diet

spicy- emonade detox diet

The ingredients for the spicy lemonade detox diet: 100 ml of distilled water, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice or lime (about half of lemon), half a teaspoon of natural maple syrup (organic version) or organic honey, and optionally you may add a dash of Cayenne paprika.

In a glass…

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